SMY133 Analyzer

SMY 133 Analyzer


Power Monitor and Data Logger
SMY 133 is an advanced 3-phase multimeter and data logger with large color LCD display. Instrument is designed for monitoring in single- and three-phase MV and HV distribution network stations as well as in regular LV cabinets.It includes per-phase and three phase active energy meter with separated generation / consumption readings and reactive energy, measured in all four quadrants.

Programmable relays or pulse outputs can control other equipment based on measured values (fan control, over voltage/over current etc). S0 digital outputs translates embedded electricity meter energies to pulses.


Typical applications:

wide area power quality monitoring in smart grids, live supervision with SCADA, industrial and commercial automation, sub-metering, energy and demand side management.


Key features:

  • three-phase active and reactive energy meter (kWh, kvarh, L, C, +, -) measures in 4 quadrants
  • energy: active 0.5S acc. IEC 62053-22, reactive class 2 (1) acc. IEC 62053-23
  • voltage and current: class 0.2, active power 0.5 according to IEC 61557-12
  • programmable pulse or relay outputs (option RR, RI, II), built-in temperature, binary input
  • 512 MB of internal memory for data logging and energy recording
  • continuous sampling 128 s./period, 6.4 kHz, direct & indirect measurement (with VT and CT)
  • local USB, optional remote RS 485 or Ethernet communication


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